Mission Statement

As the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee for the NILCA, our mission is to enhance the game of lacrosse by supporting high school coaches as they embrace, empathize, affirm, and appreciate all of the identities within our lacrosse community.

Our committee is dedicated to providing coaches with resources, education, and brave spaces for authentic dialogue that will lead to growth, understanding, equity, and inclusion for all members in our community and those they influence.


The National Interscholastic Lacrosse Coaches Association (NILCA) was formed to provide dedicated service to high school lacrosse coaches throughout the United States. NILCA seeks to identify and provide solutions to issues raised by men’s high school lacrosse coaches.

NILCA serves as the professional association for Men’s High School Lacrosse Coaches. It provides educational opportunities and serves as a vehicle for networking, the exchange of information and advocacy on behalf of its constituency.

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Rules Reform

We want to make the rules of the game include specific consequences for play that does not honor Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Racial Equality

Resources here are specific to making our game more racial equal on both the field and the sidelines.

Racial Equality


Find resources specific to LGTBQ+ issues

Economic Impact

Resources here speak specifically to how this game needs to be affordable and available to all who want to play.

Economic Impact

Indigenous Peoples

Resources here are specific to the Indigenous Peoples who have given us this great game.

Indigenous Peoples


Resources here speak to how you can be an ally in helpful ways.


Team Members

We are a group of coaches committed to Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion work across high school lacrosse.

Michael Black

Lead Chair

Matt Casey

Sean Hamon

Co Chair

Bobby Horsey

Chris Malet

Andrew McIntosh

Javier Silva

Shaun Smith

Phil Thompson

Eamon Thornton



The latest articles, videos, ideas and other resources for your DEI work.



Reflections from organizations we have worked with.


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